Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To be or not to be ...

A wedding photographer?

Got to pay the bills somehow. 

I'm currently what's called a "non-traditional" student at a community college in in North Carolina, enrolled in a two year photography degree program. "Non-traditional" just means I'm older than dirt!

Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC has one of the top photography programs in the nation, along with some of the lowest tuition. It's a program with strong fundamentals in darkroom, printing, finishing & corrections, medium & large format. studio lighting, design & composition as the foundation for the transition to a digital photography work-flow. I think it provides the best of both the film tradition and digital innovation.

I started my second year a week ago, and the pace is already fast and furious. The first week begins with a formal bridal portrait.

I was fortunate to find two lovely young ladies among the first year students who patiently posed while I fumbled through pulling it all together for the first time.

My sincerest thanks to you both - for your appearances in front of the camera and for your invaluable assistance behind the scenes. I learned as much, if not more, from your suggestions as I did from the assignment itself.

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