Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Level Horizons are over-rated

... or what would H.C.B. do?

Really nothing more than a snapshot.

I was in downtown Greensboro, NC for a school project when I noticed the stairs on a nearby parking garage made an interesting pattern. It's the repetition of the curving stairs and the landings with their precisely placed light fixtures; the contrasting colors of the brick crosswalk and green railings echoed by the spiral of the parking structure ramp in the background.

I took the photo to study how I might best capture the lines and repetition in the architecture.

... but this gentleman came along at just the right moment.

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Katie L Mcintyre said...

Like your shot John, nice composition and I like the fact that the biker guy was in it. Its neat how he is halfway across the line with his bike and that you can see part of the stop light. Nice work!