Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of our assignments in portraiture is photographing children on location.

This is Maddy.

Pentax K10D, Tokina ATX 28-70f/2.8, ISO 100, f/5.6 @ 1/60 sec
Lessons Learned:

Take your vitamins. Two year olds are ACTIVE!
Do not try to photograph an active two year old anywhere near a water feature.
Grandma makes a good baby wrangler. Two year olds always come when Grandma calls.
Judicious application of Gaussian Blur makes a "romantic" portrait and can conceal certain problems (see lesson 2 above about water hazards).

Have fun.


ashley Gatewood said...

Awesome picture john.

Kathleen C Photography said...

Angelic. Great job John, I love what you did in Photoshop.

Boris Liberman said...

Judicious or not, this is wonderful picture of a sweet child...

Photography by Cali Lowdermilk said...

what a funky shot, good job john!