Thursday, November 4, 2010

Canyon de Chelly

Pronounced "Canyon de Shay", Canyon de Chelly National Monument is a unique part of the National Park System.

It's located on Navajo Tribal Trust Land owned by the Navajo Nation. They call themselves the Diné (the people) and the canyon is their home, while park is administered by the National Park Service. Access to the canyon itself is restricted. Visitors may travel inside the canyon only when accompanied by Park Rangers or authorized Navajo guides.

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The one exception is the White House Ruin trail.

Six miles from the visitor center, the trail descends 600 feet from a rim overlook to the bottom of the canyon, and across Chinle Wash to the base of the White House ruin, abandoned about 700 years ago. The Navajo call the Puebloans who lived here "the Ancient Ones". The walk down to White House ruin takes about 30 minutes, but allow two hours for the round trip.

You'll see frequent signs reminding photographers not to photograph the local people or their dwellings without their permission.

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